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Thank you to everyone who took advantage of our $1250 Tri-Booth offer. We sold out in a week!
The Tri-Booth must return to it’s original price, but we will continue to offer FREE shipping (US lower 48.)
As work-at-home studios have become necessities these day, demand for the Tri-Booth has dramatically increased. We are now taking orders for the next production of booths,
estimated to ship by the end of April, possibly sooner.

We will now be offering TWO models: the TRAVEL edition and the HOME edition.
The Travel booth stays under fifty pounds and comes in hardshell luggage. The Home edition has heavier acoustic panels for upgraded sound absorption and comes in a large duffel bag. Both booths cost $1500 each (plus tax where applicable) with FREE shipping.
Stay safe. Be well.

In solidarity,
Rick Wasserman and George Whittam



The TRI-BOOTH is a portable, adjustable and fully-enclosed recording environment created by voiceover veteran and educator, Rick Wasserman and voiceover “Engineer to the Stars”, George “The Tech” Whittam.

Sound Good, Always

Accurate, echo-free voice recording at home AND on the road.

A Bespoke Booth

A professional vocal booth designed for the way YOU like to record.

Secret Weapon Included

Every TRI-BOOTH purchase comes with a custom audio filter created for your unique situation by George The Tech, ensuring the highest quality recording from every session anywhere in the world.
Additional filters can be acquired here.

*Patent Pending
Voila! The Tri Booth from Bookable, designed from masterminds George Whittam and Rick Wasserman, is a voice actor’s “must have.” In this ever-changing market, where you’re basically on call 24/7 and have to be able to record for a client or an audition at a moment’s notice, this easy to set up “booth in a suitcase” will keep you and your clients/agents worry free. And I’m not well versed in the technical side of VO, so if I can do it, anybody can! Impressive design, well thought out, easy to put together, the Tri Booth literally gives you the security and confidence to be the professional on the go!  Go ahead, take a vacation already, George and Rick have got you covered!!  Sounds great in every way!
LORI ALAN, Los Angeles




Patent Pending

Standing at 6’3” with a footprint of a 3' equilateral triangle, the Tri-Booth is comprised of a collapsible frame, tailored insulating acoustic panels and comes with one foot height extenders in case you need more head room. Also included are a microphone boom, copy holder (will hold a tablet or 13" laptop), utility shelf and beverage holder, dimmable LED overhead light, power hub/usb charger, 15’ extension cord, and it all packs down into the supplied FAA-compliant hard shell luggage that’s light enough that you won't pay oversized baggage fees at check-in. Upgrades such as iPad holders and mouse/trackpad trays available.

(in the US, lower 48 only)
Taxes may apply
The Tri-Booth comes with a custom audio filter built by George The Tech.
You provide the mic, interface, computer, and the talent, we provide the rest.
Additional filters can be acquired here.
I love the Tri-Booth! For the first time I feel safe to leave my studio to do live sessions and record. I use it all the time. I did a live read in front of the ocean with just a door between me and the Tri-booth. Sounded great. The effect stack they gave me is so good I use it in my home studio. George and Rick have made it easy for me to do the work. It was super quick to put together and take apart and for me that is very important. Plus, the best customer service. Buy it! It works.
ROGER ROSE, Los Angeles

How do you Tri-Booth?

You can configure the Tri-Booth for the way YOU like to record. Check out these setups.

Setup 1

Microphone: Sennheiser MKH416
Headphones: ATH-M50x
Scripts: iPad
Interface: Universal Audio Apollo Twin Solo (outside the booth)
Computer: Lenovo Thinkpad with Adobe Audition (outside the booth)
Beverage: Water (tap)

Setup 2

Microphone: Neumann U87
Headphones: Beyerdynamic DT-770pro (not pictured)
Scripts: Paper (hand held)
Interface: Yamaha AG03
Computer: Macbook Air and trackpad with TwistedWave
Stopwatch: iPhone
Beverage: Cabernet (2017)

Setup 3

Microphone: Apogee MiC
Headphones: Sennheiser HD4.5
Scripts: iPad Pro
Interface: CEntrance MicPort Pro 2
Computer: iPad Pro with TwistedWave
Beverage: Hot tea (Orange Blossom w/honey)

Setup 4

Microphone: Apogee Sennheiser ClipMic Digital
Computer: iPad Pro with Skype
Beverage: Gatorade (the blue one)

As a professional sound designer AND Voice Over performer, I am a pretty difficult customer to satisfy. The Tri-Booth did an absolutely fantastic job of letting me travel around the country as well as internationally, with total peace of mind. I did several recordings for broadcast and even got compliments from the engineers on the other side of the connection. The ultimate stamp of approval.
BRAY POOR, New York City


Reclaim your closet.

You are just starting out, exploring a career path dependent on recording your voice. You don’t have the budget (yet) for one of those fancy isolation booths. So what do you do? You sabotage your closet and fill it with blankets and the sound equipment you saw in that “how-to” video on YouTube. Problem is your closet is hot and claustrophobic, there’s no electrical outlets, and your wardrobe is left draped over that chair. And of course there’s that pesky lack of oxygen in there.

The TRI-BOOTH is an affordable solution to record in even the smallest of living spaces.

Put your clothes back in your closet. They’re homesick.

We did a quick celebrity record for an animation pilot and got an amazing sound out of a conference room with a concrete floor.  It worked out perfectly!  I look forward to using my TRI-BOOTH on the road.
GREG CHUN, Los Angeles


Break Free.

You consider yourself lucky to have booked those coveted recurring VO gigs. Naturally, you are terrified to go on vacation for fear of needing to record a gig while away from the quality of your home setup. You start to worry:
"Will a studio be available in the south of France at 2am?”
“Can I MacGyver a pillow fort booth in my hotel room with those extra pillows and the ironing board?” “Will the recording quality sound ANYTHING like I’ve been delivering week after week from home?”

The TRI-BOOTH is the answer for the pro on the go. Take our booth anywhere in the world and relax knowing you can record where you want, any time you want, and with the quality your clients expect.

The only problem now is: Hawaii or Venice? The agony of choice.

What I like about the Tri-Booth is the sense of security and the taking away of the fear I have of traveling: going away for the holidays, going to a convention in Vegas. My biggest fear is “Will I be able to find a space and create one and do so in under two hours? And not have to beg for extra pillows and blankets and whatever.” Knowing it is from George and Rick means something to me. I love it!
JACK DANIEL, Los Angeles



Many uses
beyond voiceover

The Tri-Booth allows the voice actor to record any type of audition or job, from promos, trailers and commercials, to IVR, narration, audiobooks, video games and animation. But you can do so much MORE once you've got a great sounding recording environment: Podcasting, singing, rapping, ASMR, teleconferencing, and location ADR. They are all going to sound great inside the Tri-Booth.

Purchasing or renting?

Just what we road warriors need to fight the never-ending battle of the ever-demanding world of VO.

You like to move it, move it?

The Bookable Tri-Booth provides a space where the voice-actor/singer/podcaster can physicalize their performance, using their entire body while recording, allowing them the freedom to express their creativity fully.

Tri-Booth InstructionAL VIDEO

Download PDF Instructions for Tri-Booth

Patent Pending

Created by Rick Wasserman and George 'The Tech' Whittam


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